Alphabetical by last name, as the names appear on the tombstones. ♠ = Photo of tombstone. [?] = unclear, missing, indecipherable character.

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Auerbach, Israel. 1862-1916

פ”נ אבינו איש תם וישר משכיל על דבר אמת ר׳ ישראל חיים בר משה שמואל אווערבּאך הלך לעולמו בּיום כ׳׳ו תמוז תרע׳׳ו ת׳נ׳צ׳ב׳ה׳

(Here lies the honest and decent man educated in matters of truth Mr. Yisrael Haim son of Moshe Shemuel Auerbach died the twenty-sixth [?] day of Tamuz 5676 [1916] May his soul be bound in the bond of life)

Auerbach, Sarah. 1862-1915

Auerbach, baby. (Unmarked) (Infant Area)

Bender, Kiva. April 1858 – 24 June 1913

Bender, Rose. (Unmarked) (Infant Area)

Becker, Maxine Sally. 1926 – 1932

Berman, Nathan. (Unmarked) (Infant Area)

Bloom, Mr. [Bloom, Lipman] 5 January 1873 – 14 May 1913

Dorfman, Freda. d. 25 January 1915, age 33

Ewart, Golda. (Unmarked)

Fenick, Alta. (Unmarked)

Filler, Rebecca. d. 18 February 1923, age 37

(Born in Russia, 1886; wife of Joseph Filler; mother of Israel [Esrael, Isador], Harry, Fanny, Sam; lived in or near Ashley, ND, 1910; lived in Rosenthal, ND, 1915; lived in Hosmer, Edmunds County, SD, 1920)

Friedman, baby. (Unmarked) (Infant Area)

Goldstone, Isadore. 10 August 1921 – 17 November 1921 (A.K.A. Idel Goldstone, son of Joseph Goldstone & Esther Juster, Eureka, SD)

הילד יהודה בן יוסף גאלדסטאן נפ’ ט”ז חשון תרכב לפ”ק ת’נ’צ’ב’ה’
(The lad Yehuda ben Yosef Goldstone, died 16 Heshvan 5682 [1922] May his soul be bound in the bond of life)(Infant Area)

Grossman, Yitzchak (Isadore).

פ”נ ר’ יצחק בר אלכסנדר גראסמאן נפטר יום א כ”א לחודש שבט תרע”ה נולד בשנת תרכ”ט לפ”ק תהי נפשו צרירה בצריר החיים

(Here is buried Reb Yitzchkak ben Reb Alexander Grossman. Died on Sunday, 21 days in the month of Shevat 5678. Born in the year 5629. May his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life)

Grossman, Yehudah Leb.

(Here is buried Reb Yehuda Leib ben Reb Alexander Grossman Died on Tuesday 9 days in the month of Cheshvan 5672. Born in the year 5623. May his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life)

Grossman, Chaim Yosef (Joseph).

(Here is buried the esteemed young man Mr. Chaim Yosef ben Reb Yitzchak Grossman. Died on Tuesday 14 days in the month of Cheshvan 5678. Born in the year 5661. May his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life)(Some characters representing the dates are hard to read; the dates shown here are partially based on external records.)

Jampolsky [Jampolsky, Yehiel Hayyim]. d. 1918 [7 November 1918]

Ourach [Ourach, David]. [d. 5 March 1924] age 13

(Son of Getzel & Gossia Ourach, brother of Philip Ourach; farmers; lived in Lehr, ND)

Parkansky, Mrs. d. 8 October 1918

Raich, Frieda. 13 June 1916 – 27 October 1918 (Infant Area)

Raich, Joseph G. d. 10 June 1918, age 41

Reuben, Benjeman B. 10 October 1910 – 11 November 1918

(=Benjamin B. Reuben, son of Yehuda Lev Rabyn & Mirel Chaplik)

Ruebin, Mrs. 08 March 1870 – 29 July 1913 (=Mirel Chaplik Reuben)

פ״נ אשה חשובה מרת מירל ראבין בת משה נולדה תרכט ונפטרה י״א תמוז תרעג תנצבה

(Here lies the esteemed woman Mrs. Mirel Rabyn daughter of Moshe born 5629 [1869/1870] and died 11 Tamuz 5673 [1913] May her soul be bound in the bond of life)

Note: The civil date on the monument July 29, 1913 is according to the Julian calendar. The date 11 Tamuz 5673 corresponds with 16 July 1913 on the modern calendar.

Rubin, baby. (Unmarked) (Infant Area)

Silver, baby. (Unmarked) (Infant Area)

Schlasinger, Mary. (Unmarked) (Infant Area)

Silverleib, Fayga. d. 20 May 1916, age 32

פנ / האשה הצניעה / פייגה / בת ר מרדכי סילווערלייב / [?] [?] [?]פ[?] יז אייר תרעו / May 20, 1916 / [?] [?] [?] [?] / [?] [?] [?] [?] YRS. 32. Old / תנצבה

(Here is buried the modest woman Fayga daughter of Reb Mordechai Silberleib. Died Iyar 5676 [= 20 May 1916]. 32 Years Old.)
May 20, 1916. Yrs. 30. Old.

Silverleib, Nochem. d. 7 April 1918

איש תם וישר מר נחום בר פינחס סילװערלײבּ נפטר בּיום א׳ כה׳ ניסנ [sic] שנת תרעח תּ׳נ׳ע[sic]׳בּ׳הח[sic]

([Here lies] the honest and decent man Mr. Nahum son of Pinhas Silberleib died Sunday 25 Nisan 5678 May his soul be bound up in the bond of life)

Silverleib, baby. (Unmarked) (Infant Area)

Smilowitz, Isador. 11 January 1903 – 11 December 1919

Weil, Jacob. 1932

Unidentified Infants (Unmarked) (Infant Area) Several or Many